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Telespect 500mm 1:11 "Off-Axis" Makowsky Principle

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This rare telephoto-lens is told to be optical identical to the Meta Makowsky Katoptaron TS 8/500 E and Goema Katoptar TS 8/500 E. It has no optical (lens) elements except two mirrors and follows a German patent by Helmut Makowsky dating from 1968. Compared with it´s predecessors, the Telespect looks much less improvised and is equipped with motorized focusing. Compared with conventional mirror lenses it has a neutral bokeh and can be stopped down from F11 to F45.


Telespect original accessory:

The Telespect came with a case which was equipped with a special interior and a lens cap, of course. I don´t know any other original accessory, but would be glad to hear of some!


Changing the battery of the Telespect:

One major problem of the Telespect is the battery which is needed for focusing, which shall be dead after a couple of decades even when this equipment was not used. The question how to change this battery was appeared in some webforums, so these pictures might answer the questions:

The battery compartment is accessible after opening the two screms and the retracting the lid.

The battery compartment can be opened after opening the tweo screws.

The tapered edge of the battery compartment has to align with the outer surface of the Telespect.

A 6V-battery is needed for operation.

The original PX28 battery (6V) can be replaced by two CR1/3N Lithium batteries (3V each) or four LR44 batteries (1,5V each). Those are smaller and thinner, which in fact is no problem: To stabilize the batteries they can be wrapped sideways with some tape. There is enough space in the battery compartment. And the spring in the compartment equalizes the different height.


Changing of the Telespect mount:

Although some web-sources state that the Telespect should be equipped with a regular T2 mount, mine had a Minolta SR-mount when I purchased it. This is mounted with three small screws and can be easyly disassembled. After some comparisons I found a Minolta A/T2-mount (also for Sony Alpha DSLR) and a Nikon/T2-mount, wich fit after disassembling the inner T2-ring exactly on the Telespect:

Reworked Telespect with Minolta A-mount

Minolta A-mount, Telespect, T2-inner ring and Minolta SR-mount


Using the Telespect:

Using the Telespect ist quite easy: Camera, flash, filter and tripod mount are quite conventional and the two focus buttons are easy to use. But you have to get used to the aiming with this equipment. But there is something curious about this thing: The camera can be rotated 360° around its mount. To fix the position the mount ring has to be tightened against ists neighbour.

And now have fun unsing the Telespect - and don´t expect too much picture quality ...

(For further informations and a small report - in German - about the Telespect see Minolta-Forum the Telespect 500mm 1:11 "Schiefspiegler" n. Makowsky)



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